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DANAOS Web Enterprise Suite; a fully web enabled maritime software that automates all the daily functions of any shipping company.

Software is our specialty and our passion, since 1986! 

Danaos web enabled maritime softwareDesigned, Built and Launched using state-of-the-art technologies and supplemented by professional outsourcing, implementation, support and training services.

Combining comprehensive maritime domain knowledge with advanced technology expertise, DANAOS provides maritime software for the shipowner, shipmanager, broker, operator, charterer or accountant. DANAOS web enabled software solutions bundled with our Services encompass the full spectrum of the shipping industry processes, addressing all daily challenges, either as stand-alone applications or as a scalable, agile, secure and fully integrated SUITE OF MODULES, accessed from everywhere, anytime.

Danaos web enabled software ecosystem




With the selection of any Suite’s Module installation, foundation modules are a prerequisite. Installed foundation modules create part of the administration panel providing low level interconnectivity and functionality:

Foundation Module

Description of Functionality

– Address Book Auto-insert and catalogue existing address book entries into the system, populating associated list boxes.
– Vessels Auto-insert and catalogue existing vessel entries into the system, populating associated list boxes.
– Data Admin Modules (STY) Identity and access management for users and groups creation and setup. Users register, log in, and log out based in permissions that extend to enterprise Single Sign-On Manager based on organizational roles and policies.
– DBA Admin Fine tune the performance, integrity and security of a database. Troubleshoot and resolve synchronization, updating and backup issues.
– Exchange Rates Exchange Rates is an easy to use application and contains all necessary utilities to record, access and maintain historical and actual exchange rates.
– KPI Create Alerts, Setup Warnings and Design Standard Reports/Dashboards for each entity and attribute.
– SPI Arranged in a hierarchical structure, SPI provides the necessary administrative functionality to define system parameters.

 Security mechanism, User Roles and Access Rights

DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE SUITE has been designed to meet the IEEE security requirements in respect of functional permissions and information access permissions. All functional permissions are maintained from the fleet management system while the information access permissions are maintained in the database level. This way the user can access only the information based on the database rights no matter what tool he/she may use. Regarding the functions within the applications they are restricted to specific roles. Every user may be assigned one or more roles.

This way security requirements are maintained consistently in a quality and user friendly manner.