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The personnel of the Customer Support Department is responsible for the support of each application. The background of the personnel is the appropriate for each supported application, i.e. Engineers for the Technical part, Accountants for the Accounting part, etc.

The Support procedure is as follows:

> Training: With the installation of the applications from the Danaos System Engineer, our support personnel will organise a meeting with the responsible of each department to discuss the implementation plan in conjunction with the training.

> Operational Support: After the completion of the training and while the applications are operating satisfactorily, our support action depends on the problem. Technical problems can be solved with the use of modem; instructions to the client can be given over the telephone. In the case that Danaos personnel have to visit the client’s installation our response time is usually within the next day of problem reporting.

Dedicated to continuous learning and the successful adaption of DANAOS Technologies within any business ecosystem, DANAOS purpose is the application of extended training on a professional level, in response to a changing environment and new technology developments.  Employing permanently highly qualified and trained Shipping and IT professionals, integrating the experience gained through the successful implementation of similar projects, DANAOS will assist your company through all the levels of the implementation.


Danaos Academy Seminars3 Danaos Academy SeminarsFacilitated within DANAOS building dedicated seminars’s offices, DANAOS provides a well-equipped and modern space where trainees and students get everything professionals need to be great at their jobs using our technology.
Danaos’ Customer Support Department can offer the requested Support during all the stages of the implementation, which includes, hot line telephone support, remote dial access, on site Support and personnel training according to the attached training plans or occasional training programs.

The greatest guarantee of your company’s investment is the existing clientele of Danaos Management Consultants. All the modules of the proposed system are in full operation in most of our clients, which can provide the best reference.