Sofia Archontaki

Director, DrC Projects

Takis Varelas

DrC Director
Danaos research Centre (DrC) is activated covering the whole spectrum of a ship management and operation processes looking forward and beyond to quest the best. We are working towards to be ’better than you instead of me too’. We also strongly believe that dominance and leadership require innovative thinking, teamwork spirit, extroversion and continuous awareness. So we extrapolate our memories in the future and we generate creative solutions. In this direction we cooperate with organizations, academia and institutes.
DrC has been awarded with the most prestigious awards for its innovative activities. In 2007 was nominated for EU ICT (Information and communication) award. In 2010 was awarded for innovation as national representative from EBA (European Business Awards). In 2011 gained the applied research award in «Greece innovates» PanHellenic competition. In 2012 Dr.C won the highest worldwide distinction, the «Nobel» in Operation Research and management The Franz Edelman award among with INTEL, HP and TNT from Institute of Operation Research and Management (INFORMS).