Maritime KPIs

Danaos maritime KPIsThe integrated approach of all the functions of a ship management company in one integrated system provides the appropriate infrastructure to support maritime specific KPI’s setup and monitoring.

The new DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE EDITION has this functionality as built-in. A mechanism to enrich the maritime KPI’s library is available. KPI’s definitions and their arguments are user defined and may be published easily to the system. A framework of utilities is offered to cover the publishing procedure. Members of IT departments or even users can create, compile and test different KPI’s without risking the integrity of the system.

Maritime KPIsKPI’s monitoring mechanism provides the appropriate feedback either to a specific department e.g. operational, technical, crewing etc. or to the management. Feedback gives to operators, superintended engineers and other a clear objective picture of their performance, allow them to identify gaps and plan future improvements. Results of KPI’s scoring may be used also for demonstrating performance to 3rd parties and/or business partners.

Key performance indicators must be quantifiable

  1. If a Key Performance Indicator is going to be of any value, there must be a way to accurately define and measure it.
  2. It must be based on the corporate information
  3. Corporate information must be collected in a quality manner
  4. It must offer drill down functionality to isolate causes
  5. It is also important to define the Key Performance Indicators and stay with the same definition from year to year.
  6. You also need to set targets for each Key Performance Indicator.

User defined KPI’s

  1. Key Performance indicators active at the framework of DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE SUITE
  2. Your companies can add, modify or delete the current KPIs
  3. Corporate KPIs will alert users and the system will record corrective actions
  4. User KPIs will guide users to focus on the areas requiring immediate attention. Drill down functionality