More than just a communication system, Info@GATE is the answer to paperless office and case management for the maritime industry!

Supporting securely large volume of information, executing tasks, alerts and associating data with precision and maritime business logic, Info@GATE is a corporate groupware application that facilitates day-to-day operations by keeping organizational information centralized, common and unique. No matter the source of input, Info@GATE monitors the life-cycle of all internal documentation so that can be easily retrievable and traceable for every Case (Customer, Supplier, Partner etc.)

Either on Windows or Linux O/S, Info@GATE runs on the Oracle Database assuring stability, security and handling of enormous amount of data, fast. Info@GATE is used by thousands of users worldwide, some of which are handling more than 5.000 messages daily, requiring tremendous speed in order to conduct their business.

Info@GATE is a centralized fat-client communication system that is also available as a smartphone application, so that maintenance, security and back-up can be performed at the server level and not on individual user workstations, thus optimizing company data protection, data integrity and time-saving.

Danaos Enterprise_logoInfo@GATE is fully integrated with all DANAOS Applications, which generates enormous advantages in terms of time, data compatibility, and accuracy.



Info@GATE’s Key Features are as follows:

  1. Ability to handle all types of information (e-mail, interoffice memos, fax, telex, SMS and refilers), as well as documents, so that all corporate information is located in one central location for easy access.
  2. A robust search panel enabling users to find any information stored in Info@GATE based on any combination of criteria.
  3. A centralised address book with detailed contact information that is shared with all other Danaos applications. It is straightforward to organize and enables easy information retrieval via a number of options.
  4. Assignment of unique serial numbers to messages which helps users locate messages without delay and avoids confusion.
  5. Ability to distribute messages to other users without creating a duplicate message, thus, economising on disk space and reducing back-up time.
  6. Ability to keep outgoing messages “ON HOLD” for re-edit later either by the message creator or by colleagues.
  7. Ability to send Secure Personal messages, which is of particular importance for financial, legal, managerial, and other sensitive information.
  8. Full control of user privileges concerning the viewing and handling of incoming and outgoing messages.
  9. Follow-up of workflow and processes by creating tasks, adding comments/actions to messages, and the ability to explicitly request approval or acknowledgement from other users.
  10. A comprehensive filing system for messages and documents, which does not duplicate the files and may be organized according to the needs of the company, its departments or users. Users also have the option to import various documents into the filing system, thus helping to create a “paperless office”.
  11. 24x7x365 customer support.


Info@GATE OnTheGo!

Professionals are on the go more than ever these days and access to the key features provided by Info@GATE is imperative.

As such, Danaos has developed Info@GATE OnTheGo! for iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile, which provides mobile users with the key Info@GATE features presented below:

  1. Access to all office created browsers
  2. Approve and t be informed procedures
  3. Message Matching
  4. Message read confirmation
  5. Office Alerts
  6. Message Search Functionality
  7. Company and Personal address book
  8. Vessel Position List
  9. Scheduler
  10. Disaster Recover & Database Expertise

database syncDatabase services

Full remote and on-site database support

Comprehensive solutions for:

  1. Disaster recovery implementation
  2. Standby database server implementation
  3. Networks – Communications – O/S – System Software services



InfoCONNECT is a ship-to-shore e-mail and data communications system for ship owners and managers. Its key features include:

  1. Supports Inmarsat A, B, B-HSD, M, Mini M, IPDS, F77 (Fleet), GSM and IRIDIUM connections
  2. Auto data compression and full Duplex Operation
  3. Resuming (transmission re-start from break point)
  4. Automatic virus checking
  5. Data integrity verification/data delivery confirmation
  6. Message status indicator
  7. File management (filing of old messages in folders or share folders between groups of users)
  8. Reporting/Statistics module
  9. Shared address books
  10. Filtering (control message volumes, limit maximum message size, restrict Internet messaging to a list of approved senders and/or domains)
  11. Public Bulletin Board Service (news and weather updates with your regular message exchange)
  12. Multi-user shipboard system (LAN)
  13. Remote access to check vessel messages
  14. Proven robustness and reliability based on open Internet standards
  15. Gateways to Internet, telex, fax, ISDN, SMTP, commercial re-filers
  16. Integrated with ship management software and specially optimized for ship and shore database synchronization
  17. 24x7x365 customer support