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Danaos Commercial SuiteDanaos Commercial Suite as part of DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE is the most sophisticated and popular maritime commercial software in the global market. Major key players are using Danaos Commercial Suite for the day-to-day operations and management of their fleet. Danaos Commercial Suite has been a valuable partner for the largest shipping groups. 

Danaos Commercial Suite integrates seamlessly with the Financial & Ship Management Maritime Applications of DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE SUITE allowing maximum operational flexibility, supporting decision making process and eventually adding value throughout the entire shipping organization, saving time and money.
Danaos Commercial Suite results to optimum fleet utilization by encompassing top tier vessel-scheduling computational algorithms. This enables the end-user in making better decisions in day-to-day shipping commercial activities. 
Danaos Commercial Suite incorporates a full set of modules enhancing best practices and ensures consistent shipping business procedures.

Commercial Suite Modules

  • Vessel Operation
  • Voyage Estimation OverviewVessel Operation Module is aiming to optimize fleet utilization and auditing, as well as to transparently record ship operation-related revenues and expenses. Specifically designed for shipping, it fully supports all types of operations (i.e. any trade or vessel type) from start to finish (i.e. from fixture to post fixture). 
    Use the Vessel Operation Module to plan voyage and cargo stowage based on C/P and voyage order taking into consideration original chartering estimates derived during fleet scheduling.
    Noon reports are automatically captured and updated in the voyage tracking. Any deviations from CP are automatically flagged.
    Generates reports or shows alerts that assist the operations department to manage ‘by exception’ the voyage. Real time post analysis reports.
    > Vessel Scheduling
    > Events Scheduling
    > Cargo Scheduling
    > Vessel & Voyage Performance
    > Charter Party Compliance
    > Position Lists
    > Map Movement – Position
    > Owners / Charterers Contracts
    > Cargoes / Ports History
    > Voyage Results Actual vs Estimate
    > Bunkers FIFO Calculation
    > Vessel Report Viewer
    > Sublet Monitoring
    > Off Hire Management
    > COA Management
    > Voyage Instructions
    > Correspondences with Masters
    > Brokers & Customers for Vessels positions
  • Voyage Estimation / Chartering
  • Voyage EstimationEquipped with a brand new distance calculation engine, the Voyage Estimation Module not only calculates distances from point to point, point to port, through SECA, piracy, high risk zones, etc., but also optimizes the route, bunker requirements (taking into consideration expensive low-sulfur consumption constraints), cargo and bunkers intake and stowage for best trim and performance!
    Fully supports all types of employment Period or Voyage In and Out, COAs, full or partial load including unitized cargoes like cars, pallets or containers. Optimized cargo booking & grouping. Supports options and what-if scenarios. Updates the budgets to facilitate post-fixture follow-up. Marked-to-market, marked-to-investment options are available.
    Voyage Estimation OverviewVoyage Estimation and Chartering Module provides user with a quick and direct way of entering a Voyest. The user just enters the MINIMUM information required to execute a Voyest.
    The execution of the voyest is a streamlined proccess amd message boxes or validations are kept to a minimum. User calculates the daily net revenue – TCE and performs “what if” scenarios to find what freight rates are required to achieve TCE/day results.
    Voyage Estimation2> Evaluation and Analysis
    > Negotiation
    > Fixture
    > Vessel Nomination
    > Cargo Nomination (COA)
    > Multiple Cargoes
    > Parceling
    > Sensitivity Analysis
    > Hire in / Voyage in Calculation
    > Round Voyage calculation
    > Optimum Speed
    > Laytime calculation
    > Quick Voyage Estimation
    > Combine Voyage Estimates
    > Voyests Group Comparison
    > Fully Load Cargoes
    > Auto Stem Bunkers
    > Optimize Loading Bunkering
    > BP, Netpas and Danaos Distances/ Routing/Map
    > Voyests Options Comparison
    > Historical data retrieval
    > COA Management
  • Vessel Port Expenses (Port DA’s)
  • Port DAsRecords port expenses from the initial offer and pro-forma invoices to revised or additional offers, to the final invoice. Updates accounting, thus consolidating the payment of the DA through the corporate Payment system. Interfaces with Agent systems.
    Application Software specially designed for vessel port expenses and payment follow up. Initial offer and proforma invoice are entered into the system together with the final invoice.
    The updating of Danaos Marine Accounting is fully automated. The payment approval to the agent can be done through the system. Various reports specifying Disbursement Accounting department activity, i.e. number of invoices approved, checked, pending, paid, etc. are produced.
    Key Integration Points & Benefits
    > An integrated fleet management system linking operations, chartering and accounting departments providing immediate value by sharing and improving access to commercial and operational information throughout the entire organization.
    > Information is entered only once and shared by all departments and vessels
    > Common Secured and Role based Environment
    > Fully integrated with Danaos Info@gate messaging system
    > Fully integrated with Accounting
    > Alerts driven interdepartmental notification
    > Centralized Data Library
    > Integrated with Danaos S&P,Crew, Supply and PMS
    > Integrated with Danaos Searoutes System for Vessel Optimal Routing Planning
    > Ability to produce comparison reports through Chartering, Operations and Accounting
    > Interfaces with DA’s, Diabos, Q88, AtoBviaC Distance Calculator
    > Interface with port disbursement systems (e.g. DA Desk, etc) based on voyage plan. Prompt notification if agent has not been appointed before load or discharge.
  • Freight Collection System
  • freight collectionCreates charterers Debit & Credit Notes ensuring that all account items are included, records the charterer’s payments, reconciles commission invoices and finally updates the books as well as keeping track of voyage revenues, expenses and disputed items.
    Generate freight invoices / Hire Statements automatically based on integrated information from Fixture Memo and C/P clauses.
    Capture cost recovery for deviations, war risk, IWL, Turkish Straits, Panama Canal, heating, recharging of owners and charterer’s items, etc.
    Automatically from voyage tracking, SOFs, automatic tracking system, C/P clauses, voyage orders, etc.
    > Freight Invoices
    > Demurrage Invoices
    > Hire Invoices
    > Hire Statement Report
    > Fully integrated with Chartering and OPS
    > Detailed Invoice Item Analysis
    > User Defined Debit Credit Note Report
    > Link with Accounting
    > Automatic Calculations for Invoice items
    > Voyage in Calculations
    > Hire in Calculations
    > Owners Statement Report
    > Outstanding Analysis
  • Laytime Demurrage Calculator
  • laytimeGenerates automatically demurrage/dispatch calculations based on SOF, pumping log matched against structured C/P clauses and voyage captured earlier, etc.
    > Reversible (All Ports, Loading, Discharge, Loading/Discharge)
    > Non Reversible and Averaged Calculations.
    > Integrated with Operations (C/P Clauses, Timesheets)
    > Integrated with Freight & Hire Collection
  • Bunkering System
  • BunkeringMonitors Bunkering activities based on voyage, vessel, trip schedule, cargo, fuel availability and price and recommends quantity to take, etc.
    > Multiple Bunker Grades
    > Claims follow up
    > Supplier/Surveyors Evaluation
    > Messages Auto Generation
    > Stem Prices versus Platts Comparison