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DANAOS leads the shipping market providing state-of-the-art maritime software solutions and professional services.

Danaos Maritime Software SolutionsDriving IT growth of any kind for an organization requires a comprehensive understanding of the business domain (maritime) and an assessment of current assets.

DANAOS Maritime Software Solutions embark on digital transformation for your Organization, based on well-defined methodologies, strict scheduling and availability of highly qualified resources.

Leveraging our highly experienced consultants and maritime-qualified solutions we’ve helped hundreds of organizations worldwide migrate applications, data, and operating systems, implement cloud solutions, and most importantly mitigate knowledge to users.



fully integrated web-enabled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution for the Maritime and Oil & Gas industry.

DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE SUITE has been designed to integrate maritime business operations and assist internal coordination, management and compliance of work as well as cooperation and collaboration across company users ashore and onshore. DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE SUITE is an ecosystem of maritime specific applications: FINANCIAL SUITE – SHIP MANAGEMENT SUITE and COMMERCIAL SUITE
DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE SUITE encompasses 30+ years of maritime business logic and continuous development, providing a feature-rich ecosystem of two-way data interchange from the vessel to the company and vise versa. Advanced data management and data synchronization tools turn data into useful and meaningful information. As a holistic Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM), specially built for the Maritime Industry, DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE SUITE can replace existing standalone applications and support essential functions of all business processes, tailored to the specific needs of each company.
The power of DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE SUITE is evidenced by the very wide adoption of the system by the industry. Hundreds of long-time Danaos customers have been using the suite over many years, automating fully their daily procedures and reaping the benefits of a transparent ship-to-shore information sharing.
DANAOS sets the standard for data synchronization, e-mail and communications, collaboration and digital servicing within the maritime industry. 
With products such as Info@GATE and DanaosONE Platform, modern maritime companies can have full control of information diffusion on an intranet and extranet level whereas can share e-services, exposed from their back office systems, among internal users and trusted partners, securely, real-time. 
 – DANAOS Peripherals as a dedicated maritime communications company, has been providing its comprehensive range of services to the shipping industry for 20 years. More than 150 companies worldwide use our communication tool and services. The company offers complete database support and integration services with the DANAOS Web Enterprise Suite and other Danaos Software Products.
 – DanaosONE Platform (a.k.a. Danaos Platform) is the first complete e-servicing Platform for the Shipping Industry that facilitates secure inteconnectivity among systems and users automating standard or adhoc intranet and extranet services between 500+ leading shipping industry members.


sync data, share knowledge, provide communication and collaboration


innovatively optimized

Combining accurate vessel added resistance and sea-keeping data with best of breed weather forecasts, the DANAOS SeaRoutes Decision Support System navigates your particular vessel through the oceans optimizing bunker consumption and passage time according to the market conditions. 
Based on innovative algorithms that take into account ship capacity with real-time constraints and considerations we are able to provide the best solution on the vessel routing problem and to facilitate the best set of soft time windows.
DANAOS solutions are equipped and enhanced with Key Performance Indicators and dynamic reporting tools that serve as business intelligence applications that turn data -from diversified systems- into useful information whilst providing advanced analytics and forecasting mechanisms.
KPI’s monitoring mechanism provides the appropriate feedback either to a specific department e.g. operational, technical, crewing etc. or to the management. Feedback gives to operators, superintended engineers and other a clear objective picture of their performance and efficiency, allow them to identify gaps and plan future improvements. Results of KPI’s scoring may be used also for demonstrating performance to 3rd parties and/or business partners.
DANAOS software is an advanced system that will enable the Customer to comply with the latest TMSA requirements. DANAOS system is perhaps the only software in the market today that has fully built-in all the KPIs required by the TMSA questionnaire. The Customer will be ready to implement TMSA on “day one” of the implementation without any further programming effort.


explore, manage, measure, forecast and ... convey the meaning in your data