This document contains a collection of answers to the most common questions people ask about Danaos Enterprise software solutions. As we continuously update the list with new Q&A you can check in here before contacting DANAOS

Q&A Danaos Web Enterprise


1. In what server is Danaos Web Enterprise running?

Danaos Web Enterprise is running in Windows IIS server and .net technologies.


2. I’m a customer of Danaos Enterprise Client/Desktop do I need a new database ?

There is no need for a new database and both our Client/Desktop and our Web Enterprise system can co-exist providing smooth migration and consistent user experience. Our engineers will help on the installation and our support department will help on the transition.


3. What is the maximum number of concurrent users for optimal performance for office and vessel servers?

A typical installation can grow up to 500 users



4. Do I need a new server?

Danaos Web Enterprise is a three-tier system so there’s a need for an Application Server among other previous installed servers (file server, active directory, mail server, database server).


5. What is the maximum transaction volume for office and vessel?

It’s limited only on the database server, you have to consult your database vendor.



6. What database servers are supported?

We support all databases with .net connectivity but most of our clients use ORACLE Servers or Microsoft SQL Server. Some applications depend on specific database functionality and features.



7. What is the minimum required Application Server?

Our minimum requirements are Windows Server 2008R2 with minimum 8GB RAM and 2 CPUs for a small company (less than 50 users).



8. Can I install your servers on the cloud?

Yes but certain licensing limitations apply for some database installations. For example ORACLE is certified on AMAZON, AZURE and ORACLE cloud. There’s no limitation if you use your private collocated servers.


9. Do customers prefer on-premise on-cloud or hybrid installations?

It is up to the IT administrators to decide how they wish to install DANAOS Web Enterprise. Our  customer base, mainly consists on installations on-premise, though selected customers operate our systems through Azure or other (country specific) SaaS vendors. More than 90% of our customer base, use Oracle and due to Oracle’s licensing agreements, Oracle database is officially supported on Amazon AWS, Azure, and Oracle cloud. On a high note it is recommended to physically collocate the Oracle server. Hybrid installations are also used for DR services. For users required to work from remote locations we also support terminal services.


10. How often is version upgrade done and are they chargeable?

Major upgrades are released approx. every two years (following the Danaos Users’ Meetings). Minor upgrades are released in the interim. Customers under support contracts get the upgrades for free.


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