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Danaos Business OutsourcingThe maritime industry is no stranger to the concept of business outsourcing.

Port agents and ship managers are a prime example, so a move to improve business  outsourcing data entry into software systems was a natural move for Danaos Management Consultants.

When a shipping company looks at developing or purchasing a software solution, the effort required to input in data and maintain the system is often overlooked. It is critical that a company focuses its management time and talent on core business functions that differentiate the company and not on mundane tasks.

India is a natural home for business outsourcing due to its highly educated workforce and long maritime tradition. Danaos Services (based in Mumbai) offers long-term business process outsourcing solutions to owners and managers searching for a cost-effective method of updating and maintaining back-end software. Ship operators can outsource the time-consuming data inputting and back-end work.

Incorporated in 2002, Danaos Services India has seen unprecedented demand for its services, especially for Planned Maintenance monitoring and supporting the company when critical tasks are not completed and also offering specific data management for such systems.

The rapid growth of Danaos Services has been in no small part due to its experienced staff drawn from a growing pool of Indian seafarers looking for a shore-based job. It employs a number of Masters, Chief Engineers, 2nd Engineers and Software experts with a wealth of shipping experience- all with extensive knowledge of machinery and the onboard processes.

Since 2010 Danaos is also offering BPO Services using a highly-experienced Greek team of experts too.

Our range of services extends beyond just setting up of the system to the actual operation and monitoring of the performance. That means the operation of these systems can be passed to Danaos Software Services specialized personnel at any time. Our services also include vessel and office visits for implementation and training or training at our in-house facility in India.

Our services are centred on the successful Business Process Outsourcing model, carrying out technical and non-technical backend functions of a shipping company. This model allows shipping companies to focus on their core business, without the hassle of running and maintaining the systems, keeping the decision making process with them and outsourcing the backend functions.